Penny Ackery

I'm Penny Ackery...

I was selected by our community to run as the Community Candidate for Hume. 

My goal is to generate more wealth for everyday Australians, invest in local infrastructure, roads, schools and hospitals, to do a better job of protecting the environment and to have more transparency in government by stopping rorting and corruption.

Our Federal electorate of Hume stretches from Warragamba, Wallacia, Camden and Luddenham in the North, down through Wollondilly, Wingecarribee and Goulburn (my home town) to Boorowa, Gunning and Crookwell in the South-West. There is much to be done to help people in these regions, and I want to be in the thick of it.

Make contact with me so we can chat. Or read more about my policy platform, or my story here.

It’s time that we select someone who is independent, local, and who has the best intentions for our electorate.  Not someone who pays homage to their big party donors.

And it works too. The independents who have been elected so far, have managed to get far more done for their electorate. I intend to do the same.



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