About Penny Ackery

My Background

I have spent 30 years of my life in the electorate of Hume.

My most recent job has been that of a teacher for kids with special needs, who may have learning disabilities or require extra attention in getting up to speed on their subjects. I have been a teacher at Goulburn and Picton High Schools, both inside our amazing electorate of Hume. 

I have also recently been an advocate for small businesses across the electorate, showcasing videos for businesses in both Wollondilly and Goulburn-Mulwaree as they deal with the pandemic. 

You can check these videos out here.


I currently reside just outside of Goulburn, NSW.

For more on how I came to run for office, please scroll on. But for more on my policies and platform, please click here:

My Platform

How I Came to Run

Initially I did not intend to run. I was involved in a community-consultation project, which sought feedback from people of all political persuasions, around the Hume electorate. 

Speaking with people over coffee and asking them about what they wanted to see from their elected representatives was a great experience. I enjoyed it and I still do.

After the submission of the final report from this project, people were urged to self-nominate, to run as the endorsed Community candidate, based on the issues outlined in the report. I was invited to put myself forward as a potential contender. 

In total, 4 people put their names forward and in August last year, two town-hall styled forums took place with around 100 participants listening in from across the electorate. 

Feedback was collected and I was selected to be the community candidate for Hume

I am honoured to represent my community and I hope that you will also get behind this campaign which is driven by our community, instead of political parties or the cashed-up, industry donors that fund them (in exchange for favourable policy).



My campaign is crowdfunded, primarily by people from across the Hume electorate. I am not accepting funds from Simon Holmes A Court’s Climate200 (C200), or Getup, nor am I taking them from Oil and Gas companies, pharmaceuticals or any other special interest group. I feel that as someone who advocates for reform of the electoral donation system, it would not look right for me to accept donations from groups who operate outside of our electorate or who have special interests.


My Preferences and Allegiances:


You might be happy to know (depending on your leanings) that I won’t be recommending preferences at all.

Contrary to how some understand it, in Australia, each voter is free to choose their own preferences. It’s only in ‘how to vote’ cards – which is simply a form of advertising – that candidates will often recommend voters on how to preference other candidates. There is no obligation for anyone to follow this, so only voters can make this decision.

I will not be preferencing anyone.

I am however asking that all voters put me first and then their party second (after me). #PutPenny1st

Some people have asked who I would side with in the event of a ‘Hung Parliament’. This is a situation where both parties end up in a tie, and require an independent to side with them in order to create Government (on condition of supplying votes for their legislative agenda).

This is actually an excellent case if we, the people of Hume find ourselves in this situation. Why? Because it means that I can negotiate hard for the items outlined in my policy platform. These are things that will benefit all of us and the things that you voted for.

I will not be pre-empting which party I would work with, because I cannot see what options are on the table, until after the election. However, let’s hope we are in this supreme position to negotiate, for the  betterment of all of us.

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