My Values

How We Can Move Forward

My Vision

I want greater wealth for everyday Australians, more investment in local roads, schools and hospitals that bring higher paid jobs to our region, better protection of our environment and to stop the rorting and corruption that’s been occurring in our Government, using an anti corruption commission

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Economic Benefits and Jobs for Our Region

  • I want to stimulate our local economy via support for small businesses, including trades, retail, farming and tourism operators,
  • Keeping jobs and economic benefits within the region.
  • We can support construction jobs in our region by extending Home Builder and Job Trainer programs
  • Fastrack infrastructure projects that benefit the community but keep the ‘green between’ protected
  • Better internet and phone connectivity inside our electorate
  • Make improving our roads – which are among the worst in the state – a priority
  • Ensure lasting protection for our historic villages, communal recreation areas and green spaces
  • Supporting young families with better access to childcare
  • Ensuring support for our health workers, our education workers, our TAFE and tertiary education providers

Ensure a Bright Future for Our Region

    • Make Hume a centre for the development of sustainable technologies for us to mine, design and manufacture goods for the global economy
    • Ensure Australia stays competitive in the global economy, by reducing our emissions more rapidly, in step with our global trading partners
    • Provide stronger environmental protections for our wildlife and wild spaces

Protect the Integrity of our Society by

  • Establishing a Federal anti-corruption watchdog, ensuring more integrity and accountability from our federal politicians
  • Advocating for reforms to political donation laws and truth in political advertising
  • Ensuring Medicare, Aged Care and the NDIS are properly funded
I have recently added a dedicated page on Vaccine Mandates for those who are interested, as we’ve received a large number of questions on my position.

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Or click here for more about me and how I came to run.


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